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Jon Hand using first insert adapter. Through years of shooting and hunting we have come up with what I believe to be the best system for mounting traditional broad heads on carbon shafts. After shooting some carbon arrows years ago through my traditional bows, I liked how they shot. What I didnít like was the screw in insert system and how difficult it was to get the heads straight on the shaft. I could not find any on the market, so I decided to make my own adapter. What I needed was a one piece insert adapter that would give me strength and weight to the light carbon arrow shaft. What I came up with was just what I was looking for. The insert adapters are made on a computerized state of the art turning machine from a solid piece of stainless or aluminum material of the highest quality. I believe this to be the straightest and strongest system for putting traditional heads on carbon shafts, period.




Examples Using Inserts

photo of insertThese are some examples of arrows that we put together and are using:

  • Iím shooting a 29 in. Beman MFX arrow with a 130gr. Zwickey broad head. The arrow weight is 325gr. with a 198 gr. stainless steel adapter. The total weight is 655 gr. with a 23.28 % FOC. I have had great success using this combination.

  • My son is shooting a 25.375 in. Easton C2 arrow with a 60 gr. aluminum adapter and 115 gr. Zwickey head. The total weight is 427 gr. with a 16.75 % FOC. My son has also had great success with his setup shooting 40 lbs.






Assembly of Inserts

Photo of arrow shaft, insert and broadhead.There are two ways to assemble the head, insert and arrow. The first is to use five minute epoxy glue. You need to sand the inside of your carbon arrow with some sandpaper to rough it up, and then clean it with acetone. You can glue the insert in the arrow and the head on the insert and align the head so it spins straight with the shaft. You have as long as the glue allows you to get it straight. Once the glue dries youíre done. Sharpen and hunt.

The second way to glue up the insert is with hot melt glue. This is how I do it. Use softer glue that does not cool hard. Sand and clean the shaft. Then heat up the part of the insert that goes in the head with a propane torch as well as the broad head. Put some glue on the insert. Then install the broad head on the insert by giving the head a few twists on the insert to seat it. Then cool it in water. To glue the insert and head into the shaft, heat up the straight part of the insert that slides into your shaft and put some glue on it. Then slide it into your shaft, give a few twists and align your head the way you like it and put it in some water as soon as you can. This will prevent the shaft from becoming too hot. Do not put heat on the shaft with the torch or you will ruin it. Use this method at your own risk. Now spin to check straightness. Warm the head up a little and align the head with the shaft so it spins true, cool down, sharpen and hunt. Good luck and shoot straight.




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