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Jon Hand with Javelina during hunt. Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jon Hand and I live the bowhunter lifestyle. I started shooting a bow when I was a little boy and fell in love with it. My first year of big game bowhunting was in 1983. I was shooting a borrowed Bear Whitetail II. I moved up through the ranks of compound bows until I bought my first recurve in 1987. I have been shooting the stick and string ever since.

When I started hunting, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum arrows were all I could get. So I went through all of these materials and settled on aluminum. I was shooting traditional broad heads but did not like all the adapters that I had to use to mount the heads on the shaft. Then I started shooting carbon arrows and loved the way they shot. But they were small and light and no way to get traditional broad heads on them. I tried to find someone who sold inserts to put on the broad heads but had no luck. I didnít like the screw in adapters that were on the market so I decided to make my own.

photo of insert Iím a third generation machinist and part owner of a family owned machine shop here in Nebraska. We have a variety of CNC machines that we use to make parts for other companies. I started out making solid aluminum inserts that would glue into the shaft with a broad head taper on them. They worked well and I had a heavier and straighter arrow. The problem was I still needed more weight. So I made some inserts out of solid brass to get my weights up. This worked out great and I had a heavy, straight, and hard hitting arrow. That was about eight years ago. Then I started to read some articles by Dr. Ed Ashby and realized he knew a thing or two about hard hitting arrows. I then started to think of ways to make my arrows better. I had some insert failures with the brass insert. So I settled on using 304 stainless steel. I made some stainless inserts and after a few modifications I finally I had something that I liked. I hunted with them for a couple seasons and had great results. I made some for my friends and they thought I really had something. Then I met the man, Dr. Ed Ashby. I showed him what I had been making and the first thing he said was "this is what weíve needed for a long time." We had a talk about design and he thought I should market them. Dr. Ashby is in the process of testing the stainless adapter. So this is how I got to this place and we will see where it goes from here.

Thanks Jon.


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